JPMorgan CEO to be deposed over bank’s relation with Jeffrey Epstein


An association judge on Tuesday referred to the JPMorgan Seek after and Co Boss, Jamie Dimon, to save two days for explanations for what he had several perceptions of the bank’s relationship with the sex delinquent and past client Jeffrey Epstein.

The best US bank necessities to direct cases searching for disciplines by women who ensure that Epstein truly mishandled them, and by the US Virgin Islands, where the late credit master had a home.

JPMorgan is energetically suing a past gathered monetary chief, Jes Staley, ensuring he masked what he had some information on Epstein and should cover troubles it could cause in the two cases.

US region judge Jed Rakoff in Manhattan said Dimon can be kept an eye out for by the irritated social events’ bona fide advertisers for five hours and by Staley’s lawful guide for two hours.

Rakoff could allow extra time enduring if anyone requests it. JPMorgan had proposed to make Dimon available for three hours. A starter is put something aside for 23 October.

The irritated social gatherings’ bearing grasp our Manager has no significant data, yet drive forward with this media stunt, JPMorgan said in a proclamation. An examination of more than twenty years of messages and various reports figures out that he had no liability with Epstein or his records. He doesn’t recall genuinely meeting, talking, or chatting with him.

Epstein was a JPMorgan client from 2000 to 2013, remaining so directly following surrendering in 2008 to a Florida state prostitution charge.

In court papers, JPMorgan has been faulted for perceiving by 2006 that Epstein paid cash to have underage young women and young women brought to his home, and ignoring a few inside guidance to cut partners with him.

Dimon joined JPMorgan in 2004 and became Boss in December 2005. He has not been faulted for a dreadful way to deal with acting.
Legitimate guides for the bothered get-togethers and Staley didn’t rapidly answer requests for input.

Staley, who was Barclays Plc’s Supervisor from 2015 to 2021, has presented regret for being passionate with Epstein.

In August 2019, Epstein completed everything in a Manhattan jail cell while expecting a starter for sex making due.

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